The Sunshine Coast Lions Club Mobility Program is designed to provide Assistive Devices to any physically or mentally disabled person who is unable to financially obtain these devices themselves.  When a request is received by the Club, it is forwarded to the Advisory Committee who reviews the request.  The committee interviews the client/user to ensure the request meets the financial needs requirement and is supported by a doctor or physiotherapists recommendation.

If the client meets the criteria, a motion is brought forward to the membership for approval.  The Club solicits donations of new or used assistive devices and where no donations are available, the Club will tender local dealers for new or used devices.  Used devices go through inspections and repairs by a qualified mobility dealer before being placed with a client.  The loaned equipment also undergoes a biannual safety inspection paid for by the Club.


Sunshine Coast Lions Club Mobility Program

photo 1
Ruth Bulpit and Lion Paul Adams. New scooter purchased from Coast Ability with money made possible by a grant from The Sunshine Coast Community Foundation.